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If you're a nurse or a dental doctor and looking for a medical responsible doctor, then please keep reading

What is a medical responsible doctor and why is it important to have one?

A Medical Responsible Doctor in aesthetics is essential for nurses and dental doctors who wish to administer treatments like Botox and hyalase. This mandated oversight ensures treatments are performed safely and in compliance with medical standards. Without a designated Medical Responsible Doctor, these professionals are legally unable to offer such aesthetic procedures, highlighting the critical role of these physicians in facilitating compliant and safe patient care.

General benefits Of Medical responsible doctor via Nordic Skin Klinik

Monthly: 1 500 kr ex moms

Yearly: 16 000 kr ex moms

Save 2000 kr

Monthly: 2 500 kr ex moms

Yearly: 27 000 kr ex moms

Save 3000 kr

About Dr Alex.

Doctor of Medicine (MD), Specialist in General Medicine and Aesthetic practitioner based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has previously worked as Resident in Rheumatology at Kings Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm and been chief of various skin departments in Sweden.

The screening of skin cancer was among his highest priorities. Dr Alex has completed his Aesthetic training both in Sweden and in United Kingdom and attained a title called “Master in Aesthetic injectables”. Having a vast knowledge and experience in Aesthetic medicine (Botox, Fillers, PDO Threads, Skin boosters etc.) he normally educates hundreds of medical professionals in Aesthetic courses every year.

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