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Checklist For International Students

Before you arrive

As an international student coming to Stockholm, you might feel nervous? Don’t be! We will take care of you. This checklist has all the practical matters to prepare for your move to Sweden.  

Manage your finance 

Although Sweden is considered somewhat expensive, your cost of living will in many ways depend on your individual lifestyle. Several commodities are somewhat more costly than the European mean, while others might be cheaper. However, by planning a monthly budget most newcomers find it easy to adjust.  

Medical & Travel insurance: 

Make sure that you have attained the necessary insurances before you fly from your home country. You must contact an insurance company in your country to help you with this insurance.  

After you have arrived

Introduction Days /Welcome Week 

Luckily, we can help you answer all your questions about life in Sweden during our Welcome Program, which kicks off each semester. 

In your first days in Stockholm, there will be lots to do and learn. The College will offer all international students a whole week called “Welcome Week”. During this week you will get a lot of information about life in Sweden, Travel card, Health care system in Sweden, how to learn Swedish language, how to find housing for students, how to find a job in Sweden, how tax rules work in Sweden, how to open a bank account in Sweden and a lot more.  There are also quite a lot of administrative tasks you need to take care of as a new student. 

Student Housing  

Rent an apartment or a house in Sweden:  

Stockholm is one the biggest cities in Sweden. It can be often difficult to find accommodation, that’s why we recommend you find and fix your accommodation before you even arrive in Stockholm.   

Rental charges for a room can vary from 3000 sek – 7000 sek/month (300-650 EUR) depending upon the facilities available in the room. 

Renting a 1-2 rooms apartment can cost between 8000-14000 sek/month (800-1300 EUR).  

You can find accommodations by using following websites:


Food and Travel costs per month 

A travel card called “SL Card” costs 1020 sek /month (900 EUR). With this travel card you can travel all kinds of local traffic including Metro, Trams, Commuter trains, some fairies and buses in the whole city of Stockholm.  

Food expenditures can vary from 2000-4500 sek /month (200-400 EUR). 


The Migrations board in Sweden issues study visas and according to Board’s calculations a candidate must show a bank statement showing that he/she has sufficient money covering the tuition fee, travel tickets, insurance fee and a monthly expenditure of 10 314 sek /Person/ month (about 1 000 EUR/person/month).  

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:


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